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NuTerra Management (NuTerra™) designs, builds, and provides operational services for wastewater treatment, organic waste and biosolids management projects. All 25-plus wastewater treatment projects (over $100,000,000 in public-private-partnerships) under its management have delivered municipalities an average savings of 40-plus percent in operating costs and 90-plus percent in energy consumption. NuTerra utilizes a portfolio of proven and vetted technologies, software, and processes that enable the company to provide scalable solutions. NuTerra’s solutions eliminate or minimize environmental health and safety issues such as regulatory and budgetary constraints, odor, noise, dust, and transportation of waste through residential neighborhoods. By economically recycling organic waste into marketable products such as soil and/or energy while mitigating current environmental issues, NuTerra is helping to create a “new earth”.

Market Overview

The World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risks report released in January 2015 identified water crises as the most serious problem facing the world today— for the first time, ahead of infectious disease epidemics, weapons of mass destruction or even climate change. It cited drought, water quality, flooding, and ecological damage are cited as the four causes.

In the U.S., water worries extend beyond California and western states. Shortages persist in South Florida, which receives 60 inches of rain per year, due to lack of favorable groundwater replenishment characteristics. Responding to this escalating problem, the White House released a proposal in January supporting innovative financing and public-private partnerships to spur investment in water and wastewater systems, presenting an opportunity for municipalities to upgrade their insufficient technologies.

The timing is fortunate for operators and managers of municipal wastewater treatment and organic waste management facilities and government officials who are under public and economic pressure to find more cost-effective and environmentally responsible wastewater treatment and organic waste management solutions. This is particularly true for the small and medium market (<15 dry tons or <15 millions of gallons per day) that has been underserved by traditional project delivery methods and other operating services.

These facilities are further challenged to address nutrient pollution (particularly nitrogen and phosphorous), increased recycling goals, and elimination of biosolids disposition sites due to concerns over damaged soil and nutrient runoff. As a result, the industry is in need of transitioning from traditional disposal to environmentally beneficial and economically viable reuse.


In contrast to traditional project delivery methods, other companies and operational service options that underperform, NuTerra is the only “progressive” process expert and solution provider of wastewater (biosolids) and organic waste management projects and services that delivers a 20-year sustainable solution for the mass market. In the industry’s most collaborative public-private partnerships, NuTerra helps utility and government officials efficiently address capital and operating expenses, regulatory compliance, public sentiment, and environmental issues (noise, odor, material handling, footprint, carbon footprint). Its “progressive” project delivery method is the most cost-effective approach for addressing population growth, urban encroachment, and failing infrastructure with a dramatic reduction in facility size.

Using the industry’s only before-and-after models based on real/verifiable operational and financial data, feasibility analysis, and approved advanced technologies (BCR, Centrisys, Huber) NuTerra’s “progressive” project delivery method reduces investment and risk by assuming full project accountability. The company simplifies wastewater (biosolids) and organic waste management by

      • Using simple, modular technologies
      • Reducing process design and onsite construction costs
      • Assuming risk for project development
      • Being willing to own end product management
      • Providing customer owner asset control

NuTerra assumes risk for and controls the entire value chain, in contrast to traditional wastewater (biosolids) and organic waste project development and management that is inefficient and costly. The company assumes full accountability for design, construction, operations services, and end-product management, and can obtain financing for projects to address escalating capital requirements that are typically underfunded. It further offers municipalities’ total waste reutilization as a source of revenue. NuTerra harvests nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium from wastewater and recycles them into high-value, marketable biosolid end products that address diminishing disposal outlets / landfill capacity, escalating unit costs, increasing environmental regulations and rising energy costs.


NuTerra executives have a proven track record in successfully managing and implementing wastewater (biosolids) and organic waste management solutions that provide resource recovery, nutrient pollution control, energy conservation, and beneficial reuse of waste. In addition to speaking at industry conferences and events about infrastructure innovation, public private partnerships, resource recovery, nutrient pollution control, energy conservation, and the beneficial reuse of waste, company leaders have been invited by foreign countries as consultants.

Aaron F. Zahn, President & CEO

Fredrick D. Zahn, CFO & VP of Finance & Administration

Tom Phillips, VP of Sales

Pennie Borrousch, Managing Director of Organics Recycling and Composting Facilities

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Jennifer Schwegman

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