NuTerra has a 100% success track record in developing, implementing, and managing over $100,000,000 in public-private partnership transactions for wastewater (biosolids) and organic waste management projects. In Florida alone, the company has reduced energy consumption by more than 15,000 megawatts per year, earning the 2015 Environmental Excellence Award from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

We’ve delivered to all of our clients on average a 40+% reduction in operating costs, a 90+% reduction in energy consumption, along with significant improvements in environmental health and safety conditions (odor, noise, dust, and transportation of waste through residential neighborhoods).

Ft. Pierce Taps NuTerra for More Environmentally Advantageous, More Efficient Wastewater Treatment/Biosolids Management Solution

Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida Taps NuTerra to Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Facility